Audit and advisory services.
  Internal controls.
  Tax consulting and company law.
  Accounting and financial reporting.
  Corporate finance and managerial consulting.


Feasibility Study for New Projects
Based on data made available to us, we can conduct detailed feasibility studies for new projects for the benefit of your investors and the financiers. Our study will involve various scenarios based on sensitivity analysis.

Review of Current Policies and Procedures
Review the existing policies and procedures if in place. If not, we will develop appropriate policies and procedures including documentations flow and internal checks and controls.

Review of Computer Systems
Detailed evaluation and analysis of the existing hardware and software to ensure adequacy for your present and future needs and recommending upgrading where deemed appropriate. Our review will cover inventory control systems.

Costing and Management Information
Full study of present cost reports, if any, and propose a detailed integrated cost accounting system that will enable consolidation of all divisional activities together with budgetary controls and variance analysis. Incorporation of the costing structure into the computer system proposed under (3) above. Our review will incorporate defining profit centers, cost centers, overheads, fixed costs, variable costs, etc.

Upon completion a comprehensive management information system (MIS) will be available to the management. This will enable management to follow up activities and results of various functions and greatly enhance the management decision process including developing strategic planning.

Review of Financial Structure
Analysis of final accounts of the company viz: balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow together with related schedules. Our review will cover capital gearing, liquidity, debtors age analysis, and other balance sheet structure ratios. We will also highlight adequacy of individual ratios and recommend on appropriate action to be taken to strengthen the financial structure of the company.

Advisory Services
Our firm can provide advisory services to the Board I Senior management as follows:

Financial - such as capital structure, alternative funding arrangements, adequacy of insurance covers, risk management and other financial issues of concern to your organization.

ii) Human Resources - including recruitment, human resources development
and personnel management.

iii) Services - covering communications, public relations, administrative services such as office supplies and equipments, office furniture and layouts of offices and other related services.

Board Secretarial Services
Arrange board meetings, write minutes of the board and executive committee meetings and follow-up the execution of the decisions of the Board.


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