Audit and advisory services.
  Internal controls.
  Tax consulting and company law.
  Accounting and financial reporting.
  Corporate finance and managerial consulting.

Mudhaffar Auditors & Public Accounts

The company is unique in its structure as highly adhered professional qualified in England and U.S.A. along with a very high credibility in the community as professionals in adhered to the ethics, in one hand and in the other, highly experienced in accounting, auditing, and consultancy fields in the most reputed firms in the country and abroad. Our scope of work start from trade mark registration, company formation and registration, arbitrations, financial disputes advisory services, establishing accounting and financial systems, including computerized systems, accounting services, financial consultancy services, internal auditing, external auditing, liquidation, feasibility studies and other related services. read more

2006 Mudhaffar Auditors & Public Accounts
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